A simple & pragmatic approach


You make 6000€ donation to Aide et Action. This donation gives you the right to benefit from a 60% tax reduction on your company taxes, in the limit of donation, 5 for 1000 of your company’s turnover. After the tax deduction the investment will only cost to your company 2400€, after the tax reduction.


Aide et Action selects a school and asks our team on the field (Station Energy or another supplier selected after a call for tenders) to equip it..


You receive a technical form on the village and the equipment installed and the contact of the director of the school and the manager trained on the field when possible. You can then go further in your relationship with the village, a patronage of competences, etc… Or you can just do a simple sponsorship.


Aide et Action follows the program, ensure the control and make sure that there is an optimum use of the equipment in each sponsored village.


a new challenge!

Once there, our teams will be able to equip a dispensary for an amount of money very reduced (about 2500€, which corresponds to 1000€ real cost for the sponsor after the tax reduction). Therefore we are looking for major partners to abound the investment of our sponsors in: pharmaceutical laboratory, Telecom equipment etc.


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