Edouard de Broglie

My testimony


Dans Le Noir ? A light for Africa is an independent program sponsored and funded by private companies to electrify as many schools as possible in Africa.

Dans Le Noir ? is a private company run by an independent European group based in Paris (France) which employs 50% of blind people without belonging to the protected community. Dans Le Noir ? designed this program by partnering with a French Start-up, Station Energy, which develops individual and collective solar energy solutions accessible through Microcredit mechanisms.

Dans Le Noir? financed the equipment of a first school in 2014 in Senegal. Three schools were equipped in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire in 2015 and Dans Le Noir ? financed 5 schools in 2016. But the objective of this program is to bring together a dozen of partner as companies in order to increase it. Several companies have joined the program in 2015 as AGGREKO, which financed a school in 2015. There is no intermediary association, so there is no management fee. This is a direct sponsorship: 100% of the investment goes on the ground! And the link is created directly between the village and the company sponsor by the teams of Station Energy on site. Dans Le Noir? A light for Africa has set itself the goal of equipping at least 50 schools by the end of 2017..