Development & Goal

Dans le Noir? A light for Africa is an independent programme entirely sponsored and funded by private enterprises who are aiming at electrifying as many African schools as possible.
Dans le     Noir? is a special company driven by an independent European group located in Paris (France), which doesn’t receive any support from the government even though 50% of employees are blind. Dans le Noir? created this programme by joining a French start up called “Station Energy”, which develops collective and individual solar energy solutions that are accessible mainly through Microcredit mechanisms.
Dans le Noir? funded the equipment of its first school in Senegal in 2014. Three more schools are currently on their way of being equipped in Senegal and in Ivory Coast. Moreover, Dans le Noir? is planning on financing five more schools in 2016. However, the main goal of the programme is to gather a dozen partner companies in order to give it more magnitude. Many firms have joined the programme starting in 2015 with AGGREKO, which funded a whole school.
There is no intermediate organisation to the programme, therefore no management fees. This is direct sponsoring: 100% of the investment goes directly on the filed! And the link is created directly between the village and the sponsor by the Station Energy team.
Dans le Noir? A light for Africa has decided as its main objective to equip at least 50 schools before the end of 2017.


Social Impact

Providing schools with solar electric equipment has a very important impact in a village. The equipment is associated with the computerization of a building and therefore allows a net improvement on the teaching methods and information of the inhabitants. It also allows for an improvement on the students’ health, nutrition, and access to drinkable water.  A few isolated projects have even been extended to their dispensary as well.

The second essential point of this program is the snow ball effect that equipping communitarian buildings will have on individuals. After seeing the efficiency of the device, the villagers often resort to the Micro Credits solutions offered by Station Energy. This enables them to develop their activity and start a virtuous development chain combining all together education, health, nutrition, water, energy, and business and communication. For instance, having access to mobile phones can open a very large range of services to the population such as dematerialised payment, especially in those economies still suffering from a lack of banking facilities.



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